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About Diggames

We are an Indie Game Studio located in Torrance, California.
Focused on creating adventurous, creative, and fun games for players of all ages.

Diggames was founded in 2011 by three brothers with a dream. A dream to not only be a part of this industry, but to blaze their own path through it. With a focus on free to play games it is our goal to bring high quality experiences to all persons regardless of age, ability (skill), or financial circumstances. Rather you are a child learning how to count or a grandparent looking for a relaxing experience, here at Diggames we treat you the same. That is because we feel that games are a gateway to happiness for the human soul and one that every person should be able to enjoy. With a small and dedicated team we are able to relate with our player base and ensure we are delivering to them the experiences they want. Video games are truly our passion and it is our belief that this love of video games is our biggest strength as a team. It is our mission to not only fulfill our own dreams, but to spark the same interest and passion for video games that we have, in all of those who play our games.

The Diggames Team

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Justin Prate

Game Designer with over 8 years experience in the game industry.
Visit his site!
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Daniel Prate

Game Programmer with over 4 years experience in the game industry.
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Ryan Dziurgot

FX Artist with a few years of experience in the game industry.
Visit his artstation here!
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Norma Martinez

3D Prop artist with over 2 years of experience in the game industry. Norma likes to make dreamy and spooky arts (for games!) and jewelry thats it.
Visit her artstation here
and her Instagram here!
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Jon Dean

Game Designer with over 3 years in the industry. Jon loves making each part of the game come together to form the bigger picture through his passion…DESIGN!!!

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